African Aloe South Africa

African Aloe has invested in specific areas of the Eastern and Western Cape, securing a continuous supply of the indigenous Aloe ferox from these unique growing regions of South Africa. 

At its factory in Uniondale, the aloe is processed, researched and distributed locally and internationally. The company maintains close ties with the harvesters in the field and has access to a bountiful source of these endemic Aloe ferox plants. 

The wild Aloe ferox is harvested on a sustainable two year cycle basis, to allow for natural regrowth, under the close supervision of South African Nature Conservation. 

In a committed response to the South African Government's Poverty Relief Programme, African Aloe provides work for more than 100 aloe harvesters and their many dependants.

Traditional rural Xhosa woman Harvesting Aloe

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African Aloe (Pty) Limited

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South Africa, 6460

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