Aloe ferox Lump

GENERAL Aloe ferox Lump & Crystal - The lump extract is produced by removing the bitter sap from the Aloe ferox plant, processing
the sap into crystalline "lump" form and then crushing into smaller crystalline shapes.
SPECIFICATIONS Appearance: Solid black hard
Consistenc: Homogenous powder
Colour: Black / Brown
Taste: Extremely bitter
Odour: Slight, unique
Moisture: < 8%
Solids: 92%
Aloin: >18% Pharmaceutical Grade;  <18% Food Grade (PE)
Preservatives: None
APPLICATIONS Aloe ferox Lump is normally cruched into crystal or milled into a powder. 100mg of aloe bitter powder taken internally produces a natural 
laxative effect. It is also believed to relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Its pesticidal / fungicidal nature has the effect of eliminating parasitical organisms in the digestive system. Applied externally it exhibits an insecticidal tendency and appears to enhance healing when combined with aloe gel nutrients
STORAGE Stable for an unlimited time if kept in a moisture-free and cool environment.
PACKAGED Lumps - 20 kg in plastic bag in box
COMMENT Aloe ferox bitter powder is known for its extremely high concen-
tration of aloin, one of the well-known active ingredients in
the compound. This aloin-rich substance, in user-friendly powder form, opens the way for controlled, accurate and consistent usage for both internal and external applications.
CAUTIONS Aloe bitter powder, incorporated into skin preparations, has
been known to cause irritation in a few isolated cases. Patch
testing is therefore recommended. Taken internally, the laxative
effect of the powder is very strong and therefore needs to be
used with great caution.


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