IFEA 2013

26th September 2013

The original UK-based IFEA is one of the largest and most prestigious global food and drink trade events. 

We introduced our new Aloe beverages and Aloe cubes at the show and we were stunned at the amount of interest we received.  Everybody loved the new beverages and the aloe cubes.

We currently have 2 flavours, aloe and marula and aloe and prickly pear.  

The aloe cubes were a real hit with the visitors.  They could not beleive that it is possible to change the bland inside of the aloe into something so tasty and unique.

Please note we do not use any added sugar in our manufacturing.  The drinks and the cubes have a delicate sweet flavour with no bitter tatse.


img_3169_small.jpg img_3170_small.jpg ifea.jpg