Aloe Leaf Powder

GENERAL Aloe leaves (ferox or arborescens) are harvested by the aloe harvesters and the extract is
drained. The leaves are then collected and taken to the factory
where they are washed, dried in the sun and then milled into
a fine powder. The only natural constituent that is removed from
the leaves during production is some of the aloin. Aloe leaf 
powder is a good source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibre.
SPECIFICATIONS Insoluble Dietary Fibre per 100g 37g
• Hemi-cellulosic polymers, mainly xylans
• Cellulose
• Lignin

Soluble Dietary Fibre:
• Pectin Polymers
• Arabinogalactan
• Rhanmogalacturonan

Water Hydration capacity: Approximately seven times its own weight

Mineral Content: per 100g
• Calcium - 4.08g
• Potassium - 0.08g
• Sodium - 0.18g
• Magnesium - 0.44g
• Iron - 34.0mg
• Copper - 9.5mg
• Manganese - 4.8mg
• Zinc - 3.1mg
• Boron - 2.5mg

Ash per 100g - 11.8g
Moisture per 100g - 10g
Carbohydrates (calculated) per 100g - 50g (mainly 
pectic polymers)
STORAGE Stable for 24 months if kept in a cool, moisture-free environment.
PACKAGED Packed in 10kg bags only


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